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Entry #174

Apple Desktop (Uploaded)

2014-06-27 07:13:58 by Archedion

Go check it.

This one is more basic than the last one, Im not a big fancy dude with awesome designs and shit. Im only getting back into the process of just sitting down and working.

If I did have fancy designs. You lot be paying money for em, no way you ditching my schemes to download for free .-.

And again. Linux and ​Ubuntu are next. Dont know what Ubuntu is? Go Look it up then!

~Yur boi ArchyLad


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2014-06-27 08:45:58

Bish whet.


2014-06-27 07:15:42

Owwh,i see.You're now making desktop pictures ?

Archedion responds:

Yesh I am.