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Entry #178

New Logo

7/5/14 by Archedion
Updated 7/5/14

I present to you:


Good Aint it? Didnt take me long, since I got my quick drawing skills back.

And Yes, I know:

The Irish werent spartans. The people from Sparta were.

The Irish may be Celtics, but I want to change around a tad bit.

Shat ish all.

~Yur Irish Lad Archy. The True Spartan.

EDIT: Rezized the logo. Make it easier to see ;)


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Awesome logo! :)

Looks quite good ^^
I get my logo change like every once in a few months.The current one should remain constant now though

7/5/14 Archedion responds:

My new one right now (The Triangle)
Will stay for like 3 months. Then Ill be like....thats ugly. Time to change!!
But this one. Is actually a Emblem for some Sprites im making right now.

lol Nice new logo :)
Also, Irish were never spartans, but people from Sparta :3
just to annoy you a little more :3

7/5/14 Archedion responds:

And thats payback >:3